Four commercial dung beetle packages, and 2 lifestyle block packages are available. The approximate number of beetles in a colony depends on the beetle size. Small beetles – 500+ (or 150 in the Lifestyle Block Package) (binodis, taurus), medium sized – 300+ (bison, alexis, incertus), large – 200 (hispanus, spiniger).

The Four-Season Package will provide enough beetles for establishment on an average sized farm (2000 SU – approx. 300 cows/cattle). Larger farms should order multiple packages to maximise the chances of reaching full carry capacity across their whole farm within 10 years.

  1. Four-Seasons Package*.
    $6,600 + GST ($1,650/colony).
    4 species in 4 colonies. 4 species will provide coverage for most of the year. The first species are sent in Dec/Jan and then progressively as each species emerges. The exact timing is up to the beetles.
  2. Multiple Four-Seasons Package*.
    $5,610/package + GST ($1,403/colony).
    4 species in 8+ colonies.
    Best suited to farms with greater than 2000 SU. We will call you back about your requirements.
  3. Two Species Package*.
    $3,800 + GST ($1,900/colony).
  4. Single Species Package*.
    $2,200 + GST.
  5. Lifestyle Block Package 1. $650 + packaging & shipping (NI $15, SI $22).
    1 species, approx. 150 beetles.
  6. Lifestyle Block Package 2. $1,150 + packaging & shipping (NI $15, SI $22).
    1 species, approx. 300 beetles.

* For the commercial farm packages we will invoice you a 50% deposit to confirm your order and put you in the priority waiting list. Beetles are dispatched when they are most abundant in order to maximise their chances of establishment (starting from December/January and progressively from there as each species emerges).

For lifestyle block owners the full amount must be paid upon receipt of our invoice. Please see our lifestyle block specific FAQs on our website (at the bottom) or pdf download before ordering.

See our Terms and Conditions.