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Dung Beetles versus No Dung Beetles

Its common-sense!

A common-sense approach to the self-sustainable management of manure produced by livestock is right under your feet. But first you must get them established!  You will recall the classic saying ‘you can lead a horse to water’. Well, we have introduced and mass rearing dung beetles that until now were absent from grazed pastures. Their absence lead to an imbalance in the pastoral ecosystem with reduced soil biology and health, increased erosion, reduced productivity and runoff causing water contamination.  We are actively disseminating their existence and benefits the length and breadth of the country to all New Zealanders. And with a growing body of scientific evidence showing that planting and fencing is proving ineffective at improving water quality, its time you got onboard and invested in dung beetles to significantly and sustainably improve conditions on pasture and prevent problems developing.

Its common-sense. Nature has the solution!

Dung Beetle Innovations has provided you access to the ‘water’. So, it’s in your hands. You can make the horse drink!

Dr Shaun Forgie

About the Author:

Shaun is an internationally recognised entomologist, with PhD and MSc (Hons) degrees specialising in dung beetle reproduction, ecology and evolution.

His work has been published in the media and peer reviewed scientific journals.
In his previous role as a research scientist for Landcare Research, New Zealand’s foremost environmental research institute, he received a science excellence award for his key role in the Dung Beetle Release Strategy Project.